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Basic Rules

Inlägg av Admin i tor apr 04, 2013 8:47 am

No God-moding: This one should be pretty easy. God-moding is when a character is able to do whatever they want, whenever they want with little or no consequences. People cannot dodge bullets. This is not allowed. This is also important for character creation as there are certain limits within the Firefall RP that must be adhered to, despite the fact this is a sci-fi RP.

No Meta-gaming: This can sometimes be a difficult subject. Meta-gaming is when you, the player, knows that something is going to happen ahead of time or uses your knowledge of whats going on to help your character avoid certain problems or react certain ways. As in, OhNoDomo! has character Alek. OhNoDomo! knows that Quinn the character has a crush on Trieste the character, therefore Alek goes and pushes Quinn to ask Trieste out because she "thinks" Quinn must like Trieste. Within the RP, Alek never heard or saw any evidence of this so that is an unrealistic movement. Do not use what you know about other characters and whats going on to move your character. Only use what your character has actually seen, heard and knows about.

No OOC in RPs: Most of the RPs we have going on have their own OOC (Out Of Character) thread that corresponds. If you have random chatter to contribute that doesn't involve the RP, take it to these threads where you can spew randomness, embed videos, and generally be dorky to your hearts content. Having unrelated chatter in the middle of the RP threads is distracting to all the players, including you. When you need to say something out of character in the middle of an RP, such as to ask a question about a character's action, always use double parenthesis ((Like this.)) to speak OOC. This helps differentiate the chatter from the RP.

No Double Posting: Basically, this means let the other characters/players have a chance to react to you before you continue beating on them or walk away from the conversation. If you have two or more characters that you're RPing with but forgot to post as one, there is an [Edit] button on the bottom of your post. Use it. Don't double post. If more than 30 minutes has passed and nobody has responded to you, or if you know factually that your RP buddy is gone for a long while, then it is ok to post again.

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