Introduction of Combat rp

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Introduction of Combat rp

Inlägg av Admin i tor apr 04, 2013 9:10 am

T1 is a multi-style way of fighting that has been in RP longer then I have been around. First you have the different types:

T1 RM = T1 Realistic Melee: This is the style that is human against human. With real-life limitations. {e.g. Human capabilities of runing, jumping, reaction-time, body integrity, vision, etc.}
Ex: Street fighting.

T1 UM = T1 Unrealistic Melee: This is the style that is above average human against human, that are capable of using things such as magic, sorcery, vampirism, werewolfism.
Ex: Underworld.

T1 MP = T1 Moderate Powers: This is the style that is commonly used now as a more realistic look towards T1 PC. The characters that have special powers, just not ones that have a power that is capable of destroying an entire planet. Powers such as elemental abilities are acceptable, but if there is a power that is capable of using all elements you must keep that power in a moderate use.
Ex: Bleach, Naruto.

T1 PC = T1 Powered Characters: This style is the most difficult of them all to learn. The complexity of the characters abilities and powers are what get them called "God Moders". The depth put into one character, with the powers, abilities, explanations of terrain, dimension, sub-abilities, character background, and traits will lead an inexperienced opponent to believe there is an invincibility about the character.


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