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Post Ettiquette

Inlägg av Admin i tor apr 04, 2013 8:52 am

RP posts are to be written in the past-tense.
Incorrect: Crestfallen walks into the clearing and smiles at her gathered tribe. **Today we rearrange my furniture!** she sends to them.
Correct: Crestfallen walked into the clearing and smiled at her gathered tribe. **Today we rearrange my furniture!** she sent to them.

When replying to a post, delete all posts except the one to which you are specifically replying. Continuous disregard of this rule will result in suspension of all privileges. Having to scroll down through five pages of repeat posts is one of the most irritating things in the world, and our toleration for it is quite low. In addition, for the sake of uniformity and ease of reading, please post your reply after the post you are replying to, and delete anything that comes after your post, including email ads and those little >> thingies.

When possible, avoid posts that are one or two sentences long. If you honestly can't think of anything to post, then it is acceptable, but this will not be acceptable on a regular basis. Be creative, describe what your character is thinking or feeling, make mention of that squirrel that just fell off a tree.

To avoid confusion, we use a standard set of symbols to indicate certain actions. These are to be used in this holt, be it RP or story, no exceptions.
quotation marks ("...") are to be used to indicate speech; ex. "Hello," he said
double asterisks (**...**) indicate sends; ex. **Hello,** he sent
swung dashes on either side of double asterisks (~**...**~) indicate lock-sends; ex. ~**Wuddup?**~ he lock-sent
single asterisk (*...*) indicates thought; ex. *I wonder if should say hello,* he thought
underscores (_..._) and/or hyphens (-...-) indicate emphasis on the word they surround; ex. He _really_ (alt: -really-) felt like saying hello
double colons (::...:Smile indicate wolf-sends, either from a wolf to an elf, an elf to a wolf, or a wolf to a wolf; ex. ::Hello,:: he said to the wolf

When making a comment that comes from you rather than your character, please label it as OOC (out of character).
ex. OOC: My nose itches.
OOC posts should be attached to an in-character post, usually at the end of it. Someone else may reply to the OOC portion of your post as well as the IC; however, no thread unless started by one of us should be strictly OOC. In some cases, a single OOC post explaining a leave of absence or something similar is acceptable, but if it becomes a conversation, you will be asked to continue it in private.

Respect Your Fellow RPer:This involves basic netiquette.
Don't yell at someone (USING ALL CAPS LIKE THIS IS YELLING EVEN IF YOU DON'T MEAN IT TO BE). Use exclamation points, bold, italics, whatever you want to make your point but don't yell in all caps. It's rude.
Realize we have people from all countries and all races and all religions and all orientations and all other walks of life. We don't expect you to be perfect but we do expect you to show a little maturity.
If they do something in the RP that you think is wrong or illegitimate, ask them why they did it and if they'd change it. Discuss in OOC what the problem is. If a resolution can't be gotten to, ask a GM to step in and we'll help you fix the problem. (It's usually good practice to STOP the RP if this happens, that way you don't have to go back and say "Ignore these posts" or go back and edit them.)
Don't be childish. If a GM asks you to fix a mistake, change something that isn't right or whatnot, just do it.

Roleplay Conduct
No flaming. Ever. If you have a problem with someone on the list, settle it privately. If you cannot settle it privately, bring it to one of us and we will do our best to settle it for you only if you have tried every possible way to settle it yourself and still failed. We are not your mother, so don't come crying to us because little Johnny's elf hit your elf. If the problem is genuine, and we cannot do anything, one or both parties may be asked to leave the holt. We would rather not do this, so please don't let disagreements get out of hand.

If you have a complaint to lodge against another member, please bring it to our attention and we will deal with it as we see fit.

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